Internships in Vietnam

TRG offers a wide array of programs to our interns coming from different countries around the world where you will be given multiple opportunities to experience real jobs, real responsibilities, and gain a very wide range of soft and hard skills.

Why intern at TRG

An internship at TRG gives you the opportunity to: gain real work experience from a large diverse international company; and be integrated into our team of professionals; and discover your likes and dislikes in a safe environment.

We are not big on formalities so everyone is ready to talk to you from the CEO to everyone else in the organisation.

We give you the ability to influence how your internship is going to progress, by letting you choose the tasks you want to do next. Our internships are scheduled on a weekly basis meaning you won’t all of a sudden be sitting around not knowing what to do. Doing this allows you to try out many tasks if you want to or stick to a single area of tasks that you really enjoy. 

We strive for excellence here and that also goes for our internship programs. Therefore, we regularly ask for your feedback on how you feel the internship is going and what we can do better. We do this to ensure that our interns have the best experience possible and to continually improve our internship program.

Our Virtual Internship

Professionals or students around the world are building their careers thru virtual internship program, and these 7 reasons will tell you why. If the pandemic or geographic distance is your concern, this work-from-home opportunity is for you!

Having a chance to discover the real-world situation of your dream career
Work From Home
Now you can work from anywhere around the world with this virtual internship.
Skills Training
Multiple useful and hands-on training courses are waiting for you.
Connecting to many professional people in the industry
Challenging your perspective with people with different mindsets and cultures.
Internship Certificate
Receiving the TRG Internship Certificate to make your resume more outstanding
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What we look for in the imPerfect intern

One of our Core Values at TRG is Kaizen. We believe in continuous improvement and self-discipline.

We believe everything can be improved and that every small improvement is worth making. We expect you to be able to critically think about the tasks you are given and reflect upon the procedure for that task. If you see a better way to do the task or find areas of the procedure lacking, we expect you to bring this up to help continually improve the business and thus you make a direct positive impact too.

12+ Internships in Ho Chi Minh City

Currently, TRG International offers more than 10 vacancies in our Ho Chi Minh City office ranging from software, marketing, and business development areas. This financial city of the country has great weather that every intern will enjoy, beautiful countryside to hang out, affordable cost of living, and great food!

Where our interns come from

For over 20 years we have hosted interns from many countries around the world including Saudi Arabia, USA, Denmark, Spain, Bahrain, Australia, UAE, Poland, United Kingdom, China, Vietnam, Korea, New Zealand, Belgium, France, Switzerland and likely a few more.

Checkout FAQs for the list of universities our interns are studying.

I have a chance to learn how to communicate effectively through time differences and language barriers. It pushed me out of my comfort zone and gave me an amazing experience. Really enjoy it!

Safena Yvanovich Marketing Intern - Switzerland

I found the internship extremely valuable. This was a great opportunity to learn and develop in a professional environment. I took away useful knowledge about Marketing and also experienced a real-life environment by doing tasks like a real employee. The colleagues were friendly and they always assisted me when I needed them. It was an exciting experience!

Duong Bao Ngoc Marketing Intern - Vietnam

Absolutely worthy! Everyone here is really nice and professional which makes me learn a lot about working in a marketing environment.

Elisabete Teixeira Marketing Intern - Portugal

Time definitely well-spent! My seniors were very caring and supportive, not only was I given a lot of learning opportunities, I also received plenty of feedback on my work to improve. After this internship, I have had a much deeper understanding into the Accounting profession, which will definitely help me with my career orientation.

Pham Thai Quang Phuc Accounting Intern - Vietnam

It was a little bit difficult at first when I have to overcome the time zone barrier. But when I know how to manage my time better, everything is amazing now. This is a really interesting experience

Bu Yi Fan Finance Intern - China

I recently finished my 8-week remote internship with TRG International as a Marketing Intern. I had one of my best summers, thanks to Pagoda Projects and Cardiff University / Prifysgol Caerdydd for this fully-funded opportunity!

Devika Sunand Marketing Intern - India


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