We like

  • Proactive

  • Communicative

  • Team worker

  • Collaborative

  • Independence

  • High energy

  • Pick up the ball and run with it

  • Ask for more when you have finished

  • Stick to deadlines

  • Expertise

  • Give it a go / Can Do

We do not like

  • Passive

  • Need to be kicked

  • Sit around and say and/or do nothing

  • Waiting to be told what to do

  • Need someone to hold your hand

  • Surprises

  • Sloppy/lazy work

  • Less than 100% commitment


As such we look for interns that can work independently, who are not afraid to ask questions and have the ability to reflect upon and learn from both successes and failures. You are given a lot of wiggle room at TRG, we will not be hovering over your shoulder to see how you are doing or if you are working constantly. This trust comes with a price though. We expect you to be able to work for yourself and ask questions if you are unsure about how to perform the task. Of course, we will help you in any way we can but no one will hold your hand, meaning it is your responsibility to get your tasks done in a proper and timely manner, and your responsibility to obtain any additional information you feel you need to complete your tasks.

At TRG we practice Kaizen. This means that we believe everything can be improved and that every small improvement is worth making. Because of this, we expect you to be able to critically think about the tasks you are given and reflect upon the procedure for that task. If you see a better way to do the task or find areas of the procedure lacking, we expect you to bring this up to help continually improve the business.


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